We bring HEALTHY SMILES to those in need with compassionate dental care and education.

Heartland Outreach Providers, Inc. HOPE Dental

Heartland Outreach Providers started the HOPE Dental program in 2011 to help provide for the oral health needs of underserved children in Jackson County, Missouri. The program helps ensure access to basic dental care. In order to effectively provide this service, a mobile dentistry service was established to examine and treat elementary school age children at their school. This strategy has proven successful in overcoming barriers of lack of transportation, parental time constraints, language differences, and cost of dental service that prevented many children from receiving proper dental care. HOPE Dental continues to partner with the Kansas City, Hickman Mills and Blue Springs school districts to serve hundreds of children each year.

The HOPE Dental program has added seniors to the dental care program through partnerships with area senior living facilities. HOPE Dental is now also serving patients at mental health facilities in Jackson County. In 2015, a permanent clinic was established in Blue Springs which serves additional children and adults not seen at partner facilities.

Donations from individuals help HOPE Dental serve Medical eligible area residents and more children who have no dental insurance and may have never seen a dentist. A donation of $99 covers the average cost of one child receiving a dental examination, cleaning and needed treatment (eg fillings, sealants, tooth extraction, etc).

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Our Mission/Vision

We bring healthy smiles to those in need with compassionate dental care and education.



HOPE Dental’s vision is that every child receive basic dental care regardless of ability to pay. Partnerships with area schools and donors result in hundreds of children getting basic oral health care every year. Many of these children have immediate needs and some have never been to a dentist before.


HOPE Dental partners with four area mental health agencies to provide dental care and a dental home for agency clients. HOPE Dental also provides service for adults who can not afford a private for profit dentist, often as a result of referrals by collaborating organizations. Most referrals are provided with oral health care at the Blue Springs permanent clinic.


HOPE Dental partners with seven Jackson County senior living centers to provide basic dental care, including dentures, for Medicaid patients. By coming to the partner center to provide exams, cleanings and treatment, HOPE Dental provides easy access to care for one of our most vulnerable populations.


Our Services

HOPE Dental provides oral health care to Medicaid eligible persons in Jackson County and to as many uninsured children as possible based on the amount funding received from donors and foundations.

Exams & Cleanings

HOPE Dental provides professional and compassionate care for all patients.                     Staff dentists and dental assistants make sure every person is examined and receives basic dental care and attention. Exams and cleanings are the first steps to healthy teeth and gums.


Children receive fluoride treatment, sealants, fillings and other basic treatments as needed and when appropriate. HOPE Dental records all treatments, tracks each patient’s dental condition and provides a dental home at each partner school location.


Oral care services provided by HOPE Dental include x-rays, sealants, fillings, tooth extractions, crowns, dentures and pulpotomies. Follow-up appointments are made at either a partner location or at the HOPE Dental clinic in Blue Springs.

Help Our Cause, For Healthy Smiles


Our Clinic

HOPE Dental has a permanent clinic at 1215 NW Highway 7 in Blue Springs which serves Medicaid eligible residents of Jackson County. The clinic is open certain hours during the week. Please call HOPE Dental at 816-427-1164 to get information on patient eligibility, services available for your specific need, hours of operation and to make an appointment.

Our Mobile Clinic

Our mobile dentist unit goes to several school, senior living center, and health agency partner locations in the Jackson County, Missouri area and provides basic oral health care for needy children and adults.


Want to Become a Sponsor or Partner?

HOPE Dental works with many organizations to address basic health needs in Kansas City, Missouri area communities. Sponsors provide vital financial support for the HOPE Dental mission and efforts to serve more children in need. Partners provide local sites and assistance to increase access to dental care services provided by the HOPE Dental mobile dentist unit.

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